Best Packing Hacks To Help Make Your House Move Easier

While moving home is often an exciting adventure, packing for it is usually the worst chore of all. Packing can be incredibly stressful and can put you off the task and the move altogether. It is so easy to keep putting packing off until the last minute. However, if you do that, you’ll make the move even more stressful. So, what can you do to help? Follow these top packing hacks that’ll make the task run much more smoothly.

The Best Packing Hacks You Need To Follow

Leave your clothes where they are

There is no point unpacking your clothes out of drawers, only to put them back in when you move into the new place. Instead, leave clothes folded in your drawers and dressers. Then, secure the drawers shut plastic wrap. Your movers can then transport the chests. Therefore, when you arrive at your new place, all of your clothes will be where you left them. Though they might need refolding!

Similarly, for clothes in the wardrobe, you may not be able to take your wardrobe or transport the wardrobe without dismantling it. In this case, don’t take clothes off their hangers, this will be a tedious job to do. Instead, keep clothes on hangers. Then use a wardrobe box to safely transport hanging items, without the need to re-iron when you move in.  

Take pictures

After packing up a box, take a photograph of the contents on your phone. Make sure to edit the photo with a comment that shows that you are labelling the box with. That way, when you can’t find something you need, you can quickly scroll through your phone to see where the item is.

With coding in mind, consider colours instead of labels. These are much easier to spot when you are rushing around. Furthermore, your movers are less likely to put boxes in the wrong places if they can clearly see a colour code. Display colours with sheets of coloured paper, coloured boxes or simply colour stickers.

Pack a ‘holiday’ bag

When you first move, you’ll feel like you are on holiday. So, make this an easy reality. Before you move, pack yourself a going away bag, as if you are going on holiday. Pack your ‘trip’ essentials, such as a change of clothes or two, your chargers for devices, entertainment and the toiletries you use daily. With this, you haven’t got unpack everything the minute you’re in your new place. You’ll have what you need in your holiday bag.

Don’t forget entertainment. You may not be able to set up your TV, internet and gym equipment straight away. By packing your laptop with a movie or two downloaded or your book, you’ll have something to do when you are too tired to unpack anymore.

Utilise your dish drying rack

One of the most common issues with moving is breaking plates. However, plates are less likely to break when there are packed vertically. You can even pack plates on your drying rack in a box. Then just stuff the remaining space with tea-towels and dishcloths. If you can’t fit your dish dryer in the box, then stack plates vertically straight into the box. Remember to separate each one with a layer of padding, such as bubble wrap.

Don’t forget to find your trusted local movers from Get Me Move, and look out for movers who offer disassembly and reassembly to make your move even easier.

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