Five tips for a stress free office move

If you’re moving to a bigger, better or more centrally located office space, the chances are that your business is on the up. A move to shiny new premises won’t just make life easier and more pleasant for you and your employees, it will also give your customers and suppliers faith in your business and your future. 

However, moving an entire office isn’t easy and in order to make sure that your relocation is smooth and hassle free, you need to do some serious planning. To help you relocate your business with as little disruption as possible, we’ve put together five tips for a stress free office move. 

1. Involve your employees

In order for your relocation to go without a hitch, it’s incredibly important that your employees know exactly what’s going on and what’s expected from them. 

Ask them to pack up all of the personal items from their desks and ensure that any valuables or sensitive documents are stored in a safe place and clearly labelled. 

2. Pack important and current documents separately

If your office is currently working on a big job or has an important deadline coming up, make sure that you pack any associated documents, phone numbers or file separately so that they can be easily found at the other end.

If you have any documents or files in your office that are very important or sensitive, consider packing them up early and taking them home for safe keeping until the move is complete.

3. Plan your new layout

Before moving day itself, go to your new premises and plan out exactly where everything will go. 

That way you can give your removal men clear, concise instructions and ensure that everything is put in the right place when moving day does come around. 

4. Use a removal company 

Though you may be tempted to save money and do the move yourself, the savings that you make really won’t be worth the extra time, hassle and energy a self-move involves. 

If you’re looking for a man and van in Slough, London and the rest of the south-east boast a number of trustworthy companies that can help you with your move, so make sure that you call in the professionals to do the heavy lifting for you. 

5. Take your time

Packing up an office, relocating its contents and setting everything back up again takes time. If you try to rush the process there’s a good chance that something will go wrong along the way, so make sure that you give yourself enough time to do everything properly. 

This might mean shutting up shop for a day or two and concentrating on the move instead of the business. As long as you give your customers plenty of notice of your closure then you shouldn’t lose any money and should be able to start up again as soon as you’re set up. 

Business relocations aren’t always easy, but by putting in a bit of time, thought and planning, you can ensure your move goes smoothly and that you’re up, running and bringing in money as soon as possible.

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