How to make the most out of moving

So it’s moving week, your house is piled high with boxes, the dog has trodden in the open paint tin, and you’ve just realised that the form you need is packed safely and secretly out of reach in one of the many packages in front of you. We’ve all been there! Moving home is a hugely exciting time, but it isn’t without stress and awkwardness. Here are our top tips for making the most of the limbo before relocation.

Uncover memories

Packing up your house undoubtedly means pulling all of those forgotten photo albums, gifts and trinkets out of their hidey-holes, giving you the perfect opportunity to rediscover those fantastic days out, brilliant birthdays, and amazing experiences.

Have a clear out

Take the opportunity of a move to declutter the inevitable hoard that will have developed over time, giving you the chance to start afresh in your new home. It’s also a great excuse to get organised – try and sort your bits and bobs into tidy boxes with an orderly system, meaning that unpacking at the other end is seriously simple and you can begin your life in your new home with a sense of order.

Hit the shops

You might find that your new home is bigger or your furniture simply doesn’t suit the space, which is the perfect reason to hunt out some brand new bargains and get them ready for moving day. You’ll be doubly excited on moving day when you get to unpack your latest buys.

Grab your favourite pizza

It’s no secret that cooking a family meal without utensils and then eating off a cardboard box is a challenge and a half, so skip the headache and pop to your favourite grub spot on the day before you move and let someone else do the cooking for you! Alternatively, order in a round of pizzas and sit on the floor while sharing all of your favourite memories from your home – the perfect opportunity to reveal some of the fun uncovered from step one!

Enjoy the family time

Getting a house in tip-top shape before you leave is one of the less enjoyable tasks involved in moving, but it’s a great time to get the whole family to don old shirts and jeans and grab a paint brush. Mucking in together can be a load of fun if you make it so, and it’s always nice to have everyone in one place. Make a game of it, take lots of photos, and then frame them in your new home.

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