How To Make The Most Out Of Your Self-Storage Unit

Self-Storage Unit

For many people, a self-storage unit is just a short-term measure to store stuff when travelling, moving or when there is no other option. However, as it is often the last resort and done in a hurry, it doesn’t start life very organised. Further down the line, it ends up being a dumping ground that makes it impossible to find what you need. So how can you make sure you make the most out of your self-storage unit to save you time and money?

Top Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Self-Storage Unit

Use boxes where possible

It is so easy to just put items on top of items in a storage unit but then you end up with an impossible stack that you cannot move or alter for fear that it will all come tumbling down. Try to keep your self-storage unit as organised (and safe) as possible from the start by using boxes that are all the same size.

Using uniform boxes makes them much more efficient and space-saving to stack. It also becomes easier to find and access the box you want (as long as they are clearly labelled).

Top tip: Using an instant-print camera, take a picture of the contents of the box and stick it to the outside of the box, so you know exactly where everything is.

Dismantle furniture

It may seem easy just to dump furniture as it is in your storage unit. However, by dismantling it beforehand, you could save time and energy when transporting it. By disassembling your furniture, it will save your space in your self-storage unit, and therefore storage fees, if you dismantle furniture.

Furthermore, it may also help to prolong the life your furniture as it is less likely to suffer damage when it is neatly disassembled in storage, rather than being left exposed to dust and damp in the storage unit. This will also prevent you from stacking items on top of the furniture which can add pressure to your furniture.

Top tip: When you disassemble furniture, put all the bolts, screws and fittings into a zip-lock bag. Then tape this to the furniture they have been removed from. This is so that they are easy to find when it comes to reassembly.

Don’t just consider the price

It is very easy to be led by price when choosing a self-storage facility. However, what you should also consider is the safety and security of the facility as well the as the ease of access. For example, where will your unit be and how easy will it be to pack and unpack the unit? Self-storage facilities will offer different types of access from keypads to padlocks. Some will come with lifts and lifting aids while others may not provide such facilities.

Before being swayed by a low price, consider the facilities that the unit will offer and whether it is good value for money. You can find your ideal self-storage unit at Get Me Move.

Top tip: It is essential to insure your items as accidents and damage can happen in any storage facility. Some facilities may offer insurance. However, it may be cheaper to purchase insurance directly.

Allow ventilation

It is wise to stack items up against the walls; however, don’t press boxes against the wall. Leave an inch gap to allow air to circulate in the storage unit which can help to protect your things. Try to enable an aisle in the storage unit; this will allow air circulation and enable you to find your items easily.

To create an aisle, make sure that you stack high. Try to stack up to the ceiling. Make sure the heavy boxes are at the bottom, and the lighter boxes are at the top.

Top tip: When putting items away in your self-storage unit, make sure to keep your tools handy. This is so that you can make adjustments, assemble and disassemble furniture as necessary. It is helpful to have a folding step ladder handy as well.

Sort, store and organise your stuff by finding a storage unit that works for you at Get Me Move.

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