Packing With Young Children: Top Tips To Keep Packing Safe And Stress-Free

When you have a young family, it can be so exciting to make your new house an even better family home. However, when it comes to packing, having small children around can make the task even harder. So, what can you do to make sure packing for your house move is as stress-free and fun as possible? Here are the top tips from Get Me Move for packing with young children.

Top Tips For House Moving And Packing With Young Children

Create a first night box

When you arrive at your new home, your kids will need the creature comforts that make your new house feel like home. During your first night in your new place, you won’t have time to unpack everything. So instead, make a first night box for your kids. This should include their favourite toy, book nightwear, cutlery and plate. Don’t forget their toothbrush, flannel and other bedtime routine items. This will ensure dinnertime and bedtime in a new home won’t feel too strange for your little ones.

Let them help

If you’re packing with young children, you may want them to stay out of the way while you pack. However, they will often be desperate to help. Instead, of getting annoyed that they are getting under your feet. Let them help with small tasks such as putting all of their toys into a big pile in one room. Ask them to check under every bed and sofa to ensure every toy is in one place.

Plan childcare for moving day

Moving day can be stressful and dangerous if there are young children around. On your day of moving, ask a friend, family member or babysitter to look after the kids. This way you can ensure their new bedroom is ready for their arrival and they will hopefully not feel too unsettled by the chaos and change.

Make sure you take breaks during packing

Moving to a new house can be very disorientating and unsettling for young children, despite how excitable they may seem about moving. It is important to show that during this period of uncertainty, your family are still the same. With this in mind, take plenty of breaks when packing with children to spend time with them, give them cuddles and play with them. This will help them to retain a sense of normality.

Don’t be afraid to accept help

Parents, siblings and friends will undoubtedly offer their assistance when you are moving home. While you may not feel comfortable with them packing up your personals, they can help in other ways such as taking your kids out for the day or even staying in the home and keeping the kids entertained while you pack. When accepting help, don’t be afraid to state exactly what help you want, so that no one takes over your plan.

Keep their routine

When packing with young children, it can be easy to let routines go out of the window. However, keeping a daily routine is important. Furthermore, during naps, you can focus your full attention on packing activities, and in other times you can do less attention-draining activities such as wrapping items in protective wrapping, writing labels and preparing boxes.

Make your new home familiar

Your attention may be on packing up your old home. However, kids will need to feel as comfortable in their new home as quickly as possible. Start by making trips to the parks that are local to your new home and get to know the local shops and places that your child might visit. This helps your child to get used to the new home and neighbourhood and feel like it’s ‘theirs’.

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