Low Noise Fragile Packing Tape


Low Noise Fragile Packing Tape
Tape Dimensions: 48mm x 66m
Pack of: 6 Rolls

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Buy a quality low noise fragile packing tape to seal your boxes.

If you’re moving house or if you’re a business sending out delicate items in the mail, fragile packing tape is a must.

Clearly printed with ‘Fragile’ in bold red print to inform handlers that the contents of the boxes are breakable to give you peace of mind that your valuable items will be handled carefully to ensure they arrive at the final destination undamaged.

This quality polypropylene tape has a long-lasting adhesion so does not become unstuck, even when exposed to changes in temperature, so your boxes will remain securely closed and clearly marked during transit or when placed in long-term storage.

Tape Dimensions: 48mm x 66m
Pack of: 6 Rolls


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