Polythene Mattress Covers


Polythene Mattress Covers
Cover Dimensions: 1829 x 2235 x 2362mm
Pack of: 1 Cover

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Buy heavy duty polythene mattress covers to fully protect your mattresses.

When placing your mattress into storage or when moving house, it is inevitable that your mattress will be exposed to moisture and dirt.

Therefore, you need to cover your mattresses to ensure they are not damaged in any way.

This lightweight but heavy duty polythene cover will protect all your standard size double and king sized mattresses from damp, dirt and dust when moving house or placing them into storage.

Securing your mattress in the cover is easy. The cover is open at one side so you can simply slide the mattress in and then seal the open side with packing tape.

Cover Dimensions: 1829 x 2235 x 2362mm
Pack of: 1 Cover


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