Six Ways To Make Moving Less Stressful

On average, UK residents move home every 23 years. This is much less often than just 20 years ago, when Britons were moving, on average, every 8.63 years. To anyone that has recently moved, this will come as no surprise as the moving experience is not something people often want to repeat! Sadly, the fact of the matter is moving is stressful. However, there are several clever hacks to make moving less stressful. Here, we share our stressless moving secrets with you.  

1. Acceptance

As soon as you know you are going to move; accept that moving will be stressful. Once you prepare yourself for the stress and understand that it won’t be plain-sailing, it becomes much easier to manage. If anything, stress during the move can actually focus your mind, give you the adrenaline to keep going and can help you to make decisions.

2. Compartmentalise

Make moving less stressful by splitting the jobs into smaller, more manageable tasks. For example, don’t focus on packing up your whole house but concentrate on getting one room packed at a time. Splitting big goals into smaller goals keeps your motivation up and will give you the perseverance to keep going.

With every room you start to pack, take four boxes with you. Label each box with either keep, sell, throw and donate. Don’t forget to be ruthless; if you had forgotten about something or haven’t used it in over a year, then it may be time it found a new home.

3. Dedicate moving day to just moving

On moving day so many people start doing other jobs, whether it’s cleaning the house or disassembling or assembling furniture. However, moving day should just be about moving. If you are pressed for time, then don’t take on more than you can feasibly handle.

It is not possible or enjoyable to pack, clean, move and unpack in just one weekend. Instead, get in touch with local moving firms on Get Me Move for movers that make moving less stressful. You can find removal companies that can help with furniture assembly that will free up valuable time.

4. Go for uniform boxes

While it may seem more convenient to have a variety of boxes for different size stuff, using all of the same sized boxes can actually provide a lot of benefits. For a start, you know what the maximum weight is for each box so you can pack and carry each box safely. Furthermore, it makes packing onto the truck easier, for fewer trips. As well as this, it cuts down the space you may need in a storage unit which can help save you money as the same size boxes will pack tighter with less wasted space.

Find your uniform moving boxes in our Box Shop and search for nearby storage units here.

5. Get some sleep

We know that rest may be the last thing on your mind when you are up until the early hours, and you can’t decide whether to keep the foot bath or throw it. It may seem less stressful to stay up late packing in the week before your move, but it is likely to hinder not help. For a start you need to be well rested; moving is physically and mentally tiring. Set a bedtime and stick to it.

If you are sleep deprived before you move, you’ll become emotional, inefficient and sluggish. However, ensuring you sleep well every night will make moving less stressful because you’ll have more energy and be able to think rationally about what to do and when.

6. Book yourself a treat

After moving day and you are in your new place, we know the hard work is not over. However, you should reward yourself for what you’ve managed to do so far. Before you move, plan a relaxing treat a day or two after moving such as a massage, cinema trip or a meal out. With a treat at the end of house-swapping, it will help to make moving less stressful as you’ll keep your eyes on the prize.

Then, after your relaxation, you will be refreshed and ready to tackle the unpacking and making your new place home.

Don’t forget to book your movers well in advance at Get Me Move.

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