Why hire a removals van during renovation work?

Most people associate hiring a removals van with moving premises, but even if you intend to stay put, there may come a time when you need to put possessions in storage for a while. If you’re doing any big DIY jobs or undertaking renovation work, having furniture and personal possessions in the way can make the task more difficult. Hiring a man and van to remove these items to be safely stored elsewhere can make life much easier.


One of the biggest reasons for using a removals firm to store possessions offsite during renovation work is that they will be kept safe and secure. Whether you’re decorating, knocking down a wall or adding an extension, removing possessions means they are less likely to get accidently damaged during any work. 

Having items safely removed from your premises may be especially important if they’re valuable or antique, or may be difficult to repair, if they did get damaged. They also won’t be exposed to dust and other chemicals from DIY or renovation work, which could make them dirty and dull their colour or appearance.

If you’re having any work done, where your possessions may be exposed to the outside elements, using a removals van to keep items safely stored elsewhere can protect them from potential weather damage.

Space saving

If work involves using the full space of a room, such as laying new flooring, you’ll need to completely clear it. This will involve removing all of the furniture. Not everyone has enough extra room to accommodate the temporary storage of these items, so finding a new home for your possessions during this work will be essential. It is well worth considering hiring a man and van to remove your items and either transport them to storage facilities or friends and family who have space to accommodate them during any work you are having undertaken. Even if it’s just for a few days, storing items offsite can make life less of a hassle.


Using a removals firm to clear a room of your possessions when having renovation jobs done offers convenience, especially for projects that may take a long time to complete. This will enable you to live as normally as possible during work, without having your possessions getting in the way in other rooms. Once work has finished, it also gives you a clearer vision of how and where you want to place your items again before they are returned. This gives you the chance to move furniture around and redesign your living space to suit the new changes.

Ideal for businesses

It is not just homes that may benefit from hiring the services of a man and van to temporarily store items off premises during renovation work. If any office or business is having a refit, redesign or extension, removing items that won’t be needed during this phase and keeping them safely in storage can enable a business to carry on functioning as much as possible, with minimum inconvenience.

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